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On Happy Father’s Day

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The Father’s Day celebrated on 15th June of every year is to commemorate the importance of fathers in the life of the families and most importantly in the life of the children. The days where fathers are deem to be the bread winner in the family is getting more and more twisted and out of date especially in the 21st century where equality and diversity policy does exist.

Let us have a pragmatic approach to this discussion about this especially within the norms of the current recession that has plagued the whole world, the working patterns favoured the women. More men are unemployed than women and the percentage is quite high. This left the inability of the fathers to fulfil their obligation as the bread winners in the family. Irrespective of this it has laid untold pressure to the family commitments for a comfortable livelihood.

Lack of financial means to give the children their dream upbringing within the provision of the necessities of life is been taken away. With most countries cutting down on spending and a rife in the redundancy figure then the ability for a father to be the bread winner is made even difficult.

To be honest, I am really surprised that we are celebrating Father’s Day. This should be the day fathers impact to their children the importance of fathers-nurture the kids with love and affection, outings and holidays made possible, being there when needed, especially at school’s Parent’s Evenings, sports day e.t.c. A demoralised father with no means to look after his family will not be able to fulfil these obligations.

Do not get me wrong. The event is still important just as much as the Mother’s Day. The point is that we need to reminiscent in this event and make it more viable for our children to understand its importance and their expectations met.

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