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The emerging diverse restaurants in UK

The emerging diverse restaurants in UK

The rate at which different restaurants are cropping up with different concepts is quite amazing. In the 70’s and 80’s the debates was centred on American and Mediterranean concepts with little known of other national cuisines. Concepts such as MacDonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken and restaurants such as My Kinda Town theme, Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe which are still in existence till date.

The taste buds of the British public have diversified, embracing all national dishes including Indian. Jewish, African, Caribbean, Chinese and Japanese dishes. With the expansion of the European Union and the influx of migrants, the palate has become more highly integrated. Thus most nationality concepts have become the mainstream of restaurant attractions which creates fantastic menus that meet and satisfy diverse community in the UK.

London boast of this diversity in restaurants and you will look further than a stone throw to locate your country’s national restaurant- Hunan, Mandarin and Szechwan variations of Chinese cuisines, German, French, Greek, Cajun/Creole, Japanese (including sushi), Indian, Soul Food, Scandinavian, Caribbean and Spanish cuisines. Immigration into the United Kingdom has been the reason for the state of different national cuisine and as ethnicity increases; available venue to market national cuisine becomes a revenue generating potential thereby increasing the number of restaurants to meet the needs of this diverse community.

This area is a strong potential for academic research. How UK economies can benefit from the development of diverse ethnic cuisine. Is there a strong integration of ethnic cuisine acceptable in our society?


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